The label MORE DOWN THAN OUT RECORDS has been founded by Markus Nikolai and Theo Krieger in March 2005 in Frankfurt, Germany. Both, Markus and Theo, are well known for their club hit "Bushes".
Markus' and Theo's primary aim is to publish their own music on the new label without any regard for objections of those who insist that every genre has to limit itself to clear-cut boundaries in order to succesfully reach an audience.
Neither the club tracks nor the popsongs that will appear on MORE DOWN THAN OUT RECORDS will submit to allegedly compelling rules.
MORE DOWN THAN OUT RECORDS will deliver new impulses; through (ever so often missing) musicality it will break the uniformity of club music, through a variety of ideas and through vitality it will free popmusic from its predictability.
MORE DOWN THAN OUT RECORDS will regularly release club tracks on vinyl and pop albums on CD. The label's profile is pleasingly straight: never boring. MORE DOWN THAN OUT RECORDS starts with the new MORANE 12": Electric Pilotgirl". The MORANE album "Everyone is like you" will follow shortly.

MORANE has already existed for quite a while in secret. It is the band of the house music-producer and "PERLON"-companion Markus Nikolai, of the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Theo Krieger (who teamed up with Markus years ago and already played all acustic instruments on his "BACK" album released by PERLON) as well as of the singer and bass player Annika Müller de Vries.
MORANE's line-up consists of guitar, bass, various other instruments and a computer. The latter contributing to a prevailing electronic mood, only to be raided by wild and spontaneous entries of the other instruments.
MORANE songs are memorable, yet of musical cleverness and spared from ever repeating clichés. This is no doubt due to Markus' experience with electronic music and it also largely profits from Theo's talent and capabilities as a composer and musician; MORANE never samples other artists' work but plays, records and processes only MORANES own material. In its lyrics MORANE spends its holidays on a traffic island, flys away with the "Electric Pilotgirl" into the unknown and thinks that "the time is ripe ..." anyway.
So far MORANE has performed live gigs only before a specially selected audience of friends at private parties. This is about to change soon! MORANE turns its own songs into remixes which proves that club music does not neccessarily have to be dull. Such, MORANE has already previously released two 12" records on PERLON (Perlon #34: "The Trick" and Perlon #44 "The Beach"): club versions of MORANE-popsongs, which will appear later on MORE DOWN THAN OUT RECORDS. Through harmonic re-interpretation and new speed and rhythms popsongs are turned into club tracks and vice versa. Skillful arrangements that all of a sudden fuse a 6/8 bluesrhythm into a 4/4 discobeat.

Another exciting glimpse of MORANE can be gained from the new club tracks, which have now been released on their label MORE DOWN THAN OUT RECORDS. The MORANE album "Everyone is like you" with more than a dozen brilliant popsongs is about to follow shortly.